Playground Reviews

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Time flies

In the middle of Princenhage, this playground provides a fun experience to anyone looking for a good time. I visited this playground on the 4th of june. The playground offers three distinct areas: the swingset and seesaw, the slide and gym bars, and a soccer field. Altough this playground isn't anything special, it's more than enough to have a good time. Time flies by in this playground when you're swinging on the swing set, or chilling on the soccer goals. A visit to this playground reminds one of a simpler time in life, and brings out a childlike joy
7/10 - Julius van Haperen, 4/6/2024

A beam of light in a dark world

In the southeast of Breda, I visited this playground on the 4th of june. Hidden in the dark, this playground has quite a lot to offer. In the sandbox area, there's a slide, a basket swing, a little playhouse, a spring rider and gym bars. On the grass hill just behind the sandbox area, there's also a cableway. The playground is not well lit, but the streetlight provide just enough light to see. This hidden gem has everything you need for endless fun, and also provides a bench and a trashcan to anyone who might need them. Your visit to this playground will be over before you know it, but the memories you'll make here will last forever.
8/10 - Julius van Haperen, 4/6/2024


This playground is located in the middle of the Woonboulevard XXL in Breda. I visited the playground on the 4th of june, just after midnight. The playground consists of a seesaw, a slide, two spring riders and a picnic table. Though simple, I did enjoy this playground. The picnic table provided the opportunity to eat some food, and I used the nearby trashcan to throw away my trash. The slide was a bit too small for me, but overall I did have fun. The playground provides a good time to anyone shopping at Woonboulevard Breda.
6/10 - Julius van Haperen, 4/6/2024


At the southwest edge of Prinsenbeek, a playground exists. I visited this playground on the 1st of june 2024. Upon arival, I was immediatley impressed by the amazing look of this playground. This architectural masterpiece includes a metal swing set with 2 swings, a jungle gym with a balance board and a tornado spinner, a sandbox, a spring rider, gym bars, and, the pièce de résistance, a 4-seat merry go cycle. The playground is surrounded by grass and trees, which made me feel one with nature. The playground equipment provided endless fun and the playground is very aesthetically pleasing. I visited this playground at about 11:30PM, at which time the playground did not have any other visitors. This playground also provides a trashcan to throw away any trash. If you're ever in Prinsenbeek, make sure to stop by this little piece of paradise.
8/10 - Julius van Haperen, 1/6/2024

A night to remember

On the east side of Breda, I visited a playground on the 1st of june 2024. And it was quite the experience. The playground includes a spring-assisted seesaw, a jungle gym equipped with a bridge and slide, a tiny slide for children, a spring rider, gym bars and last but not least, a sandbox. Apart from the playground equipment, the playground provides two benches and a trash can. This fulfills all your sitting and disposal needs. The fence and hedge surrounding the playground made me feel safe and protected. The playground was completely empty, which gave me the opportunity to try out all the equipment without having to wait. Since most of the playground area is covered in sand, it does diminish the significance of the dedicated sandbox area. Nevertheless, I had a great time and would recommend this playground to anyone who's looking for a night to remember.
6/10 - Julius van Haperen, 1/6/2024

Hidden Gem

At the edge of Princenhage, where the Klompenmakerstraat and the Laarzenmakerstraat intertwine, you will find a hidden gem. I visited this playground on wednesday the 25th of may, 2023. The playground has a classic swing set with 2 swings, a tornado spinner with a very peculiar object on top, a jungle gym with a noodle climber and last, but certainly not least a 3-way seesaw. A lone street lantern in the middle of the park was a welcome sight when we visited at night, because it gave enough light to see the whole playground. The playground also has a bench to rest and unwind on and a trash can to toss any trash you might carry. There is artificial grass throughout the entire playground, which adds a unique charm. Overall, I think this is an above average playground, especially when visited at night.
7/10 - Julius van Haperen, 25/5/2023